Jesteśmy wśród najlepszych


Out of concern for the highest quality and safety of offered products, ZPC Flis company has been implementing and maintaining IFS certificate (International Food Standard). The IFS standard is required by the largest European networks of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

IFS requirements are very detailed, among the quality criteria and products safety including law-regulations concerning allergens, GMO (genetically modified organisms) or metal detectors.

We are also proud to be among one of the first producers on the Polish market in 2005 introduced non trans, healthy fats in our products.

Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials that are derived from solid and reliable suppliers. Production is carried out on modern, automated production lines, which ensures a global standard of our products.

ZPC Flis Company is a strong producer of wafers, wafer rolls not only in the country of origin but also abroad. Our products are being sold in countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia.

Taking all these virtues together like over 20-year experience, well-trainded staff, the newest machinery park make our wafers and wafer rolls the most unique taste. We are very enjoy, that all of our products have so huge popularity, that everyone may find product, which comes up to his requirements.

Certificiate IFS Food (EN)