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Happy Swing 150g (peanut)  - NEW
Happy Swing 150g (coconut)

Happy Swing 150g (peanut) - NEW

Happy Swing 150g (salty carmel) - NEW

Happy Swing Peanut is a wafer tube that will put you in the rhythm of flavor madness! Immerse yourself in this unusual combination of wafer crunchiness and peanut cream, which create a true dance of flavors. Each bite is a harmony of textures and flavor intensity, creating an exciting experience for the senses.


Net weight [g] 150
Pieces per carton: 16
Cartons per pallet: 150
Cartons per layer: 15
Layers per pallet 10
Cartons dimensions (lenght/width/height): 215 x 240 x 195
Happy Swing 150g (peanut)  - NEW