Tradition through generations

Happy Karpatka 500g (halvah, coconut)
Happy Karpatka 140g (coconut)

Happy Karpatka 500g (halvah, coconut)

Happy Piramidka 600g

Karpatka is a traditional Polish cake. We can assume its origin dates back to year 1972, based on some notes in a Polish philology student book. The name of the cake comes from the Carpathian Mountains because of its ridged upper part. The contemporary karpatka usually consists of two layers of cake filled with a lot of cream.


Net weight [g] 500
Pieces per carton: 10
Cartons per pallet: 48
Cartons per layer: 8
Layers per pallet 6
Cartons dimensions (lenght/width/height): 394 x 290 x 285
Happy Karpatka 500g (halvah, coconut)